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The "interplay" in a company name is a jazz player's demonstrating each share fully and raising the whole performance by mental and physical harmonization. It is just the interplay itself to raise the quality by the three persons of the end user, the sales partner, and a product/service (our company), and we always prize the feeling of tension and a positive posture as the starting point.

And We think that we would like for interplay technology to be a company which can share the sensitivity and the sense of accomplishment which can move, so that a challenge is continued and shed tears toward a dream, without fearing failure without being eager.

髙橋 眞之助




  • Providing exciting product and service is continued, and it contributes to revival and development of Japan.
  • The thing which connect Japan and overseas through advanced technology and service
  • A benefit is returned to a stakeholder and it contributes to realization of a rich life.

InterPlay Technologies Inc.

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