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Onsite Consulting

Many a time, clients engage in sensitive and critical development projects that cannot be outsourced to external service providers for a variety of reasons. Reasons can vary from lack of time, development on proprietary systems that cannot be replicated outside the clients site, sensitivity of the project and knowledge base. The requirement at these critical junctures is for vendor partners to place skilled resources at the clients site.

ThinkPalm helps its partners and clients to meet their deadlines by providing highly skilled engineers and consultants at their site. Our onsite teams work as per client requirements and are totally sensitive to client needs. They work closely, harmoniously and in sync with clients internal team(s) and accelerate the development process.

The benefits accruing to our clients is very rapid scale up with skilled resources, faster time to market and optimal costs. Truly a win-win situation.

If you would like to hire resources from ThinkPalm at your site, please contact us by clicking here.

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